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UPDATE 2 (August 27): Shipping supplies have been ordered. I will let you know once things start shipping!

UPDATE (August 11): I will be taking down the buying capabilities on Saturday, August 15. Non-preorders will begin shipping after that. Preorders whenever I get them from Germany.

You may or may not wonder what happened to this label, and why things ground to an abrupt halt.
In 2010ish our distributor, Lumberjack, stopped paying labels and shut it's doors nearly overnight. This left us with 5 figures owed to us, and us owing 5 figures to banks, pressing plants, etc. They also had a decent chunk of our inventory (some of which was rogue sent to us by the ground troops @ LJ. Thank you).

The great folks @ RevHQ picked us up after that and have been distributing our back catalog since, but we're still paying off those debts and hopefully this will go towards that. I'm in the process of getting all of the records up on Bandcamp, and also streaming all of them on the website.

In addition, for the upcoming Guns Up! shows in Europe, Powertrip Records is releasing a GU! discog of the 1917 releases via an awesome Gatefold Double LP. I had Scott Magrath, the guy who did the art on Outlive and All This Is do the art for this (this has always been very important to me). I will be selling this online for the US customers and Powertrip will handle it in Europe.

I have also put up some very rare 1917 merch and handful of rare records that I found during a move. There's probably less than 5 of everything on here.

I'm going to leave this store up for 1 or 2 weeks, then put the website back up with all of the records, and links to buy them from RevHQ and whatever other places are selling them.

For anyone who supported the label at any point, thank you very much.

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